How To Open Seven Chakras In Human Body

According to Hinduism as well as Buddhism, chakras are defined as the energy in our body which facilitates our psychological qualities. There are mainly seven chakras in our body, among them four chakras present in our upper body and three in our lower body. 




The chakras present in our upper body manage our mental properties and those chakras present in our lower part manage our instinctual properties. The seven chakras are listed below;

1. The Muladhara (Root) Chakra

2. The Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra

3. The Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra

4. The Anahata (Heart) Chakra

5. The Visuddhi (Throat) Chakra

6. The Ajna (Third eye) Chakra

7. The Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

According to our Culture, all the chakras should contribute to a human’s wellbeing. Our tendency would join forces with our own thinking and feelings. Some of our chakras are overactive but some of them are usually not open. In case, the chakras are unbalanced, each cannot be achieved.




First of all, you have to understand that if you are opening your chakras, there is no need to make the over active chakras to less active. They are simply remunerating for the activity of closed chakras. If all of the chakras are opened then the energy becomes unbalanced. The following are the steps of the working of seven chakras.

Step 1: Open the Root chakra (Red) 




This chakra depends on your physical work. It is based on being feeling comfortable in many situations. If this chakra is opened, you must feel stable, secure, sensible, and well-balanced. You feel present and connected to your physical body. If it is under-active, you pretend to be fearful or nervous. On the other hand, if it is over-active then you may be greedy or materialistic. To strengthen the chakra you have to follow some guidelines which are explained below.

a) Do yoga, meditation, or some manual house cleaning work, walking, etc. Such activities help your body to stay fit or also help in strengthening the chakra.

b) Your body should connect to the ground. For this, stand up straight and relaxed, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly bend your knees.

c) Then you have to move your pelvis forward a little ad balance your body. Try to stay in this position for several minutes.     

d) Once you are done with the grounding process, sit cross-legged for some time. And let the thumb and index fingertips touch gently.

e) Now concentrate on the Root Chakra and try to understand what it is for. It is for the spot located in between the genitals and anus.

f) Now chant “LAM” and only think about the chakra, what exactly it is, how it should affect your life. Keep doing this process until you feel peace. Visualize that a closed red flower having powerful energy in it. And it slowly started showing the red petals full of energy.  

Step 2: Open the Sacral Chakra (Orange) 

This chakra deals with feelings and sexuality. In this case, if it is under-active, you pretend to be impassive or unemotional. And if it is over-active, you act like emotional, sensitive all the time. Maybe you act like very sexual. 




Follow the guidelines described below.

a) To get relaxation, sit on your knees with your back straight. And let your hands in your lap, palms up, on the top of each other. The palm touching the rear fingers of the right hand, and also the thumbs touch gently.

b) Now in this position only, by chanting “VAM” understand what the sacral chakra is. It is present at the sacral bone i.e. at the lower back. Keep doing this until you feel the complete release.

Step 3: Open the Navel Chakra (Yellow) 




This chakra indicates confidence. When this chakra is opened you should feel in control. If it is under-active, you act like indecisive, passive, or maybe apprehensive. On the other side, if it is over-active, you tend to be aggressive, and imperious.

a) Like the previous step, sit on your knees with your back straight. Put your hands below on your solar plexus, and let your fingers join at the tops. Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers.

b) Chant “RAM” and Concentrate on your Navel Chakra. And think about its meaning, how it affects your life, etc. Keep doing this process you will get relax.

Step 4: Open the Heart Chakra (green)  

This chakra shows endearment, love, and care. When it is opened, you behave like friendly, compassionate, etc. if this chakra is overactive; you seem to be so loving and caring towards people. But if it is underactive, you tend to be unfriendly. 




For this, you have to follow some guidelines which are mentioned below.

a) Sit cross-legged. Let the thumb and index fingertip will touch each other.

b) Put your left hand on your left knee, and your right hand in front of the lower part of your breastbone.

c) Now, concentrate on your heart chakra which is present at the spine level with the heart by chanting “YAM”.

 d)  Keep doing this process until you feel relaxed.

Step 5: Open the Throat Chakra (light blue) 




This is based on self-expression. When this one is opened, expressing your self is quite easy. If the chakra is overactive, you seem to speak too much. You may seem like a bad listener. And if it is underactive, you tend to speak too much.

a) Sit on your knees. Cross your fingers inside of your hands. Let your thumbs touch at the tops and pull them up a bit. And then chant “HAM”.

b) Now, concentrate on your Throat chakra which is located on the base of the throat. Think about the chakra that what exactly it is. Keep doing this process until you will get relief.

Step 6: Open your third eye chakra (Indigo)              

This particular chakra deals with insight. If it is overactive, you seem to live in a world imagination. But if it is under active you tend to look up to other people to think for you.




a) Sit cross-legged. Put your hands in front of the lower part of the breast. The middle fingers should be straight and touch the tops which are pointing away from you. Others are bent and touch the two upper phalanges.

b) Chant the sound of “OM” or “AUM”.

c) Now concentrate on the third eye chakra till you get a clean feeling.

Step 7: Open the Crown Chakra (Purple) 




Among all the seven chakras, this one is the most spiritual chakra when this chakra is overactive; you seem to be deliberated things all the time. But when it is underactive, you pretend not to be very spiritual and maybe quite inflexible. Please follow the guidelines; written below.

a) Sit cross-legged. Let keep your hand in front of your stomach. And let the little fingers point up and away from you touching at their tops. And then cross all the rest of your fingers with the left thumb underneath the right.

b) Concentrate on the Crown chakra, chant “NG” and think about what it is and how to affect your body. Continue this process until you will get totally relaxed.