How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is important to know as it is directly effecting your health. One can ameliorate his/her health if they are facing obesity with the help of calculating BMI. If your BMI is high it means you are having risks of myriad diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and other metabolic diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and hypertension.

If you are still confused about whether BMI is necessary for your body mass or not then let us tell you that knowing your body mass index helps in assessing and adjusting your weight. With the help of the BMI, you will have the most accurate measurement of how much fat your body has. On the other hand, it is the most readily and cost-effective way to measure BMI. But the ways to calculate BMI are not limited. There are different sort of ways to calculate it depending on the type of measurement you have taken. You just need to have your current weight and height before you start. So let’s start the calculation with different methods.

Method 1. Using metric measurements

1. Convert your height in meters and square

One will need to convert your height in meters and multiply the number by itself to get it double. For instance, if your height is 2.50 meters then what will you do? Multiply the number 2.50 by 2.50, you will get 5.00.

2. Divide the weight in kilograms by meters squared

Next, you will need to divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meter squared. For instance, if your weight is 75 kg and your height is 3.06 meter squared then you need to divide 75 by 3.06 and it will give you 24.5 as your BMI. Now the full equation will be kg/m2 in which kg refers to your weight in kilograms and m refer to your height in meters.

3. Use and extended equation if your height is in centimetres

If your height is in centimetres then it is required to convert the height. To do this, divide your height in centimetres and divide it again by your height in centimetres and then multiply it by 10,000. For ex. - if your weight is in kilograms like 60 and height in centimetres like 152 then you will divide 60 by 152, by 152 (60/152/152) and answer will be 0.002596. Now, multiply your number by 10,000 and you will get 25.96, or approx. 26.

One other option to change your height in centimetres by moving the decimal two places to the left. For example- if your height is 152 centimetres then it equals to 1.52 meters.

Now, find BMI by squaring the height in meters then dividing it by height in meter squared. For instance, 1.52 multiply by 1.52 equal to 2.31. If your weight is 70 kg, then you would divide 70 by 2.31 and you will get a BMI of 30.30.

Method 2. Using imperial measurements

1. Square the height in inches

To square your height, multiply your height in inches by itself. For example- your height is 70 inches, you need to multiply 70 by 70 and your answer will be 4,900.

2. Divide your weight by height

Now, you are required to divide your weight by your squared height. For instance- If your weight is 180 pounds then divide 180 by 4,900 and you will get 0.03673 as your answer.

The equation is w/h2.

3. Multiply the answer by 703

At last, you will need to multiply your answer by 703 to get your BMI such as 0.03673 multiply by 703 equals to 25.82. So your app. BMI is 25.8.