When Should We Drink Water And When Not?

You often listen from many people suggesting that drinking water as much as you can is a good habit. But you might across the questions that what is the suitable time of drinking water. Indeed, there is no particular time for drinking water but there are some exceptional cases in which you should avoid drinking water. While some people say drink plenty of water anytime throughout the day whereas some suggest to not to drink water in between your meal. A few doctors suggested that you must drink 1-2 glass of water before and after 1 hour of your meal. At the same time, a few others suggested that not to drink water during and after a meal. 

With so many suggestions and advice, you might be in a dilemma about which one should you follow? And what is the exact time to drink water? Here we are going to make you very clear about this article which is a suitable time to drink water. 


When you are supposed to drink water is really a puzzling task for you but this not the matter of consultation when it comes to thirst. Obviously, thirst is the natural urge and when it occurs, it should be attended too. No doctor, physicians, person, etc deny drinking water when you are thirsty. Likewise, we eat food when we are hungry, we urinate when there is an urge to do so.  Water is an essential ingredient of your body. You can survive without a meal for some time but you can’t without water. 

Now the thing is when to drink water and don’t.


1. Just after waking up

Just like you can't drive your car without warming up, the same goes for the human body. Starting your body without water is like you are running the whole day with an empty stomach. A glass of water right after when you get up is equally important as you need to warm up your car before putting it into gear. Well, drinking plenty of water may avoid a lot of problems that can happen to your body. And, studies told that this practice lends people a problem-free life, flawless skin, a better blood circulation, robust digestion power and many more. Common health problems such as constipation, acne, gastritis, bloating, and various digestive ailments can be easily solved by drinking plenty of water empty stomach. It can also lead to a healthy body and glowing skin throughout the year. 

2. Drink water before a meal

Drinking water before a meal is an excellent practice to increase your digestive abilities. When you drink water before your meal, it offers a sensation of fullness, it builds up your taste and moisturizes your stomach which makes you feel comfortable. Drinking water is not just enough but drinking at the right time will derive the double benefits like if you drink water before a meal it will not only enhance your metabolism but also increase digestion power. 

3. Drink water before a workout

Workout consumes a lot of energy and water from your body. After a workout, the temperature, and humidity of your body increases and you may need at least 8-ounce of water to protect your body against dehydration during and after the workout. A Dehydrated body is highly prone to muscle tear downs and cramps, so drinking water before the workout is crucial to avoid these kinds of problems. Drinking water before a workout not only controls dehydration but it also helps to keep your joints lubricated. 

4. Drink water when you are ill

You often saw your grandmother and mother advising you to drink plenty of liquids including water when you are sick. Yes, it is absolutely an effectual practice to get rid of your fever and other ailments readily. 

According to the studies, drinking 8 glass of water (8 ounces per glass) can avoid most of the problems related to your body. 

5. Drink water when you are tired

It is obvious to get tired while working for the whole day. But someday you feel extra tired and need a nap which you can’t take because of your workload. At that time, you should have a glass of water or two.  Water has the ability to move quickly throughout the body and because of this ability, it will reach out of your brain, boost you up and eliminate dehydration from your body. So, next time when you feel extremely tired and finding the way to be energetic and to enhance your productivity, just consume one or two glass of water. 

6. Drink before going to bed 

It is quite necessary to drink water before going to bed at night. It may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. A heart attack mostly occurs in the morning because the blood gets thicker due to the efficiency of water. So, this is the foremost reason to drink plenty of water before sleeping in order to keep your body hydrated and avoid the risk of a heart attack. 


1. Don’t drink during a meal

Drinking water is a good habit but not at the wrong time. A common mistake that often people make is gulping water during and immediately after a meal. But they don’t aware of the side effects of drinking water in between and directly after a meal. It is to be said that we absorb water when we are empty stomachs. Drinking the heavy amount of water during and immediately after a meal dilutes the body natural juice that aid in digestion. Doctors and researches told that drinking water during a meal will reduce the amount of saliva, increase the amount of insulin in your body, may put on your weight and cause acidity. All these things will misbalance your digestive system and lead to other health problems. 

2. Don’t drink water while workout

It is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated while exercising but it doesn’t mean that you will drink water in between your exercise. Consuming water during exercise will reduce sodium concentration in your body and deplete natural electrolytes which result in fatigue. If you are urged to drink water while doing your exercise, you can take a sip or two instead of a full glass of water. 

3. Don’t drink water while standing

Drinking water while standing can have an adverse effect on your kidneys and even lead to arthritis. Water should go to specific areas of your body to nourish the body parts. Drinking water while standing will directly go to your stomach with a force that is not ideal and may bring nerves into a state of tension. According to the experts, problems like joint pain, arthritis and kidney loss can come into play. 

4. Last but not least- don’t drink water if you had already throughout the day

Undoubtedly, drink plenty of water is recommended everywhere for a healthy lifestyle. But it would be good to remind you that excessive liquid intake will lower the sodium level of the body and unpleasant side effects. Drinking limitless water may be harmful to your kidney as it can stop them from doing their job and regulating important components in the blood.